Asaduzzaman (Hridoy) is one of the entrepreneurs who has become entrepreneur in the student life and is one of the successful entrepreneurs, he has been working as executive head of In today’s entrepreneur interview, we will know Asaduzzaman (heart) and his company,

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself-
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): The dream journey started today, it is real, we work in a team, the team members are young people, the tide of youth in their eyes, and I am using this opportunity tie. Who told them not to say no to me sir
Reporter: How interested to take this initiative?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): When I read the first semester of the university, I did not think I was sitting in the same thought or did I have to do something, then I went into the field thinking a lot.

Reporter: How did you start?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): From the middle of 2016, I realized that this time has come to give shape to our dream. I have to work without any engineer’s chat, seminar, class party in university life so that everyone knows me and I am working like me.
Reporter: Are there any obstacles?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): Yes, some problems were all of us at least. But the intense desire to come out of them and at the same time, the journey of has finally started – that is the big one.
Reporter: How did you go ahead?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): Sometimes I feel like giving up – what will happen to them? After all, I did not mean to compromise with dreams. To be inspired, we will be grateful to our family members and close friends and loved ones forever.
Reporter: What is the current situation? Success-failure
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): In our two years our successes are many Alhamdulillah, now we have 50+ clients. As a digital marketing firm, I am now a big company, and our freelancing / outsourcing learning and popular, after Eid, we will open our e-commerce branch called Hridoy Cure.
Reporter: What are you doing in the campaign?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): We are currently campaigning through our website and Facebook pages. The website has been created by our web development team. The Public Relations Department is operating the fan page

Reporter: What is the plan in the future?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): Alumni number of government universities is huge, it is a by-default plus point for students coming from governmental education departments. We want to be one of the graduates of private educational institutions. Along with their own talent and creativity they have made a platform to do something. Why would an engineering student waste his valuable talents and time by tuition? Rather, they need to have such a platform, where they can earn some skills in their choice and innovate as well as earn some. As well as exposing a working field for professionals, there is a desire to do something similar to the next-generation professionals.
There are many projects in universities in our country, but they are never made into products. We want to convert Innovative Project Ideas to products. Many school children in college are interested in teenagers, electronics, web development, animation or apps. They are our future, they have the responsibility of building them from now on. So we have created some resources in Bengal for them.

Reporter: What should new people who want to come to this business?
Asaduzzaman (Hridoy): Always trust yourself. There will be many obstacles, challenges will come, people may hear about it – but losing hope will not work at all. Who said that or who came face to face, it could not be an example. In the midst of hundreds of failures, we have to know the dream. People actually live with compromise with failure, but do not live. You have to try to survive – firmly, firmly!

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