Custom Software Solution

Custom Software Development Company in Bangladesh


DHAKATECH.NET is one of the fastest growing software development company in Bangladesh. Softghor develops all kinds of custom software like custom office management software, CRM, POS, mobile app, industry management software, account management software, inventory management software, training management software, school/college/university management software, result management software etc. Besides these, Dhaktech has developed more than 50 custom software for many industries and organizations.

What is custom software?


Custom software means customized software for your office, workstation, industry, etc. Custom software helps you to track all the working process easily. At the same time, you can check over all status of your company or business. You can maintain all everything of your company with the help of the custom software.It is also called bespoke software or tailor-made software. However, this is not only for the office or business related software. Many people build customized software for the mobile platform like Google play store or iTunes. Dhakatech has a well experienced team to build your effective custom app for your business or for your personal interest. We build custom apps with the technology like Laravel, Codeigniter, Vue.js, Flutter etc. We have built 50+ custom software.