June 12, 2017


DHAKATECH.NET is one of the leading IT & Digital companies in Bangladesh- continuously creating value as a ‘One-Stop Solution Provider for IT & Digital needs’. What makes us unique- is the fact that we understand and are capable of working on each of the critical elements of the digital eco-system. We strongly believe in ‘BORON TO TECHNOLOGY’- that makes the best efficient use of all resources- including knowledge, technology, and tools – to ensure effective value delivery while creating superior Return On our client’s Investment.

With a diverse array of experience, superior professionalism, and profound industry knowledge- we bring to you the promise of change through digital technology, that will take your organization into a brighter future. This enables us to commit to your business growth as a partner, where “BORON TO TECHNOLOGY’”.


To become a world class IT & Digital Solution provider – while understanding the customized need of each client, and partner with them to create superior value for their businesses, ensuring best ROI through efficient use of most effective technology and tools, coupled with knowledge-based strategies, plans, and executions.


DHAKATECH’s mission is to be at the forefront of the Digital boom and to expand as a company to meet up the growing needs of our clients and ensuring the quality of customer services. We are determined to use our extensive IT & Digital experience to deliver tangible business results enabling our clients in industry and government to profit from the advanced & effective use of technology.



DHAKATECH’s values are derived from what we believe in. The following list of values is an integral part of our organization and the way we think and operate:

  •  Sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships.
  •  Optimal use of resources in selected platform/media/systems to ensure best ROI.
  •  Working on each critical element of the Digital Eco System.
  •  Customized & Knowledge Based Solutions.
  •  Open Minded, Straight Forward & Transparent.
  •  Ready to Explore.
  •  Trust, Mutual Respect & Long Term Relationship.